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Simandhar City is a spiritual township where residents share a common goal of progressing on the path of Moksha (Liberation) through Akram Vignan, under the guidance of Pujya Niruma and Pujya Deepakbhai.


It is the community’s intent to welcome new seekers and Mahatmas from around the world, and to support their meaningful stay in Simandhar City.

Arrival Information

Simandhar City Hospitality team is set up to accommodate visitors from outside of India. Any visitors from within India must contact our local team on +91 9328 6611 66 / 77.

Simandhar City Hospitality team will assist you to ensure that your stay is inspiring, enlightening, pleasant & memorable. 


The team has limited accommodation facilities and is continuously challenged with far more demand than supply for accommodation. Where the team cannot accommodate visitors within the Simandhar City campus, they will recommend nearby hotels and also assist with bookings.


Other Information:

  • The hospitality apartments provide basic ashram style facilities.
  • To make optimal use of our limited facilities, accommodation will be provided on sharing basis only, which means you may be sharing with other visitors.
  • Cooking is not allowed in any of our hospitality apartments.
  • Non-Indian visitors (westerners) will be asked to provide a copy of their passport, emergency contact information for your home country and local contact number if available. This is a government requirement.
  • We will try to ensure English translation facility is available at all events, however there may be some events where this may not be possible.
  • To take advantage of the translation service facility, please bring along your own FM radio headset.


Because the township has grown tremendously in recent years, with visitors from different cultural backgrounds, it is necessary to make the basic township rules very clear in order that we maintain an atmosphere conductive to spiritual practice:

  • Absolutely no possession or use of alcohol or drugs within the township.
  • No Smoking anywhere in the township, including your rooms.
  • SimCity is a pure vegetarian township, strictly no consumption of meat or eggs.
  • For safety reasons do not feed, play with, or encourage stray animals in any way.
  • Women and men do not openly display affection in this part of India. Please be considerate!
  • Very modest dress please!
  • Simandhar City Hospitality team reserves the right to refuse or discontinue any visitor’s stay.

If you would like clarification on any of the above mentioned points, please feel free to ask a Simandhar City Hospitality team member or write to us at [email protected].


Registration Form

Only visitors or Mahatmas from Outside Of India are required to complete the Simandhar City Arrival Form below.


Visitors from within India must contact our information office on +91 9328 6611 66 / 77 / +91 992 434 8880.


Please read the Information before completing the Simandhar City Arrival Form.


The accommodation facility offered by the hospitality team is only for NRI mahatmas. Unfortunately, due to lack of facilities within Simandhar City, we are not in a position to accommodate your local Indian families and friends. They can however stay within the facilities offered for local Indian mahatmas, for more details on this please send us an email on [email protected]

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Contact Us

For any queries,  first email  us at [email protected]

If you do not get any response, please call:


NRI Mahatmas/Guests

  • Diptiben Shah  -  +91 95740 03202
  • Paras Bhundiya - +91 99243 43981


Please note, registrations/bookings will not be accepted over the phone.

Online completion of registration form is compulsory.


Please download the Simandhar City/ATPL guide and maps from the below link:


Simcity ATPL Map : PDF Download

Simandhar City Brochure (Guide) : PDF Download

Feedback Form

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